Toddler Boy Style | Fall Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! I had so much fun doing the baby boy style post that I thought it made sense to continue with a toddler one! Kids clothes can get expensive but I kind of have a problem… If I think my son would look cute in something I usually just get it because I am obsessed, and like I said, its a problem. BUT, with that being said, these are just to give you guys ideas of where to shop or how to put together an outfit. It’s all for fun!
P.s. you might notice I mostly put him in joggers and cozy clothes. I can’t imagine having to wear jeans all the time as a baby so I never force it, they just seem so uncomfortable!
Some of my favorite places to shop our little guy…
More Budget Friendly : H&M | Zara | Target | Gymboree (Returning in 2020) | Old Navy
Favorite Small Shops (Pricier): Rylee & Cru | M aisonette | Orcas Lucille | Little Bipsy
Now, on to the actual clothes! 🙂

Outfit 1 | Sweater | Joggers (Similar) | Shoes

Alternatives: Sweater ($11)

Outfit 2 | Hoodie (Similar)| Joggers | Scarf (Similar) | Shoes

Outfit 3 | Shirt (Similar) | Joggers | Shoes (Similar) | Beanie

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any other ideas for baby/mom posts make sure to comment below! 🙂 XX

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