Most Used Home Items From Amazon

I promise 500x in a row that every item I am talking about today.. you NEED. I use them at least every day and let’s just say, I’m A FAN. I pretty much purchase everything on Amazon… mostly because it’s convenient, but I have to say I love the reviews. I also love that when you are searching for something there is always the “Amazon’s Choice” pick at the top which is SUPER helpful.

With that being said, I wanted to keep this post cohesive so I strictly put together 10 household items that I have loved. Let’s get into it!

1 | These are seriously perfect! We use them for meal prepping or simply as tupperware. They are microwave safe as well.

2 | I have purchased so many floor cleaners where the instructions read “Mix with Water”. These bottles are perfect for just that. I mix the cleaner with water, shake it, then I am good to go.

3 | We purchased this mattress for our guest bedroom when we first moved in a year ago and have had no complaints from guests. It’s also memory foam and for the price it really is unbeatable.

4 | Love these! You get so many for the price. I use them with my Swiffer Wet Jet. They stick right on and they are re-washable. So hello saving money instead of repurchasing the disposable cloths!

5 & 9 | Have loved these for obvious reasons-they make my pet happy! Also the bowels come with a little rubber attachment which helps keep messes in order.

6 | If you are a cappuccino/latte lover and you’re looking to save some cash on skipping Starbucks, then you NEED this frother. It froths the milk deliciously and creates a perfect layer of foam for that morning cup of joe.

7 | Ladies, all your husbands will thank you if you purchase this. I steam all of my husband clothes (and some of mine) with this. Lifesaver! Brides will also love this for their special day.

8 | Tea lovers – this water boiler was made for you.

10 | Ever since I’ve been attempting to eat healthier (salads) I’ve been these scissors this non-stop. It seriously is perfect for cutting not only lettuce but I use it for chicken too!

S H O P   T H I S   P O S T


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