My Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Prenatal Vitamins

I use the Vitafusion prenatal gummies and I love them. I used the Olly ones in my first trimester but they were so hard to eat due to my morning sickness! I just couldn’t stand the taste of them!

2. Nausea Aid

Disclaimer: My doctor okayed me to take this combination : B6 & Unisom. It changed my life!! My morning sickness was all day long. I luckily never threw up once-which I can’t believe. I just hated the feeling of being nauseous all day and this was her (and my sister’s) recommendation. 

3. Maternity Bras (or larger bras!)

I honestly would just buy maternity/nursing bras if you’re in the second and third trimester. You’re going to need them anyways! My favorite nursing bras are at Target (of course!) by Gilligan & O’ Malley! They are seriously so comfortable! Target in general has some really good options.

4. Maternity leggings/jeans

I didn’t really need these until the middle to end of my second trimester. They made my life so much better. Haha. I could wear my normal tops (unless they were cropped or something). But, there was definitely no way I would be fitting into my normal pants!!! Some of my favorites/recommendations here:
 These bootcut jeans by Jessica Simpson. These are awesome because they even come in petite sizing for shorties like me! 
If you are willing to splurge (and I mean a lot) I found these Citizens of Humanity jeans and thought they were absolutely adorable and so flattering! 

5. Extra pillows for sleeping

If you don’t take away anything else from this post, you have to use this one!!! I am already an annoying sleeper but once I started adding more pillows all around my body, my sleep got better. I actually bought the Boppy pregnancy wedge & found it to be just awful. Haha, I was just not a fan!!! The most comfortable places to have a pillow are between the legs, under the arm (if sleeping on side), and behind the back. And then obviously under your head!! I didn’t feel the need to invest in a full body maternity pillow & the cheap body pillows from Target are honestly just as helpful. I know a lot of people really love this body pillow if you’re looking for one!

6. Stretch Mark Cream
This is pretty self explanatory but the one I have been using is the one by Body Boost. I can’t really say its the best because its the only one I’ve ever used! It does smell amazing though! I can say I haven’t found any stretch marks yet buuuut I am still young and this is my first baby, so…

7. Safe Beauty Products

This is obvious I am sure and some people actually don’t stress too much on this and that’s okay too! I made sure with my dermatologist/facialist that I was using only pregnancy safe products. You can also talk with your doctor more on this too.

8.Pregnancy Apps for Documenting

This also isn’t a necessity but it’s so much fun to have! My favorites have been The Bump, What to Expect, Flo, and Sprout. All of these apps are very interactive and show you your baby’s growth progress, which is so much fun for first time moms! They also have open discussions among other moms who are going through the same thing you are which can be comforting. 

9. Comfortable Pajamas

As I stressed earlier, sleeping is sometimes unbearably uncomfortable. Haha. So at least having super loose fitting pajamas will help a little bit. My favorites have been the Moonlight Pajamas from the Nordstrom collection.  They run big so I would stick to your regular size or size up just one!

10. A Whole Lot of Prayer and Patience

Haha! This is mostly just for fun but for real, I have definitely had my share of ups and downs. I really look to God for patience and grace because being pregnant (for some) isn’t always easy!! I’ll link some of my favorite books and journals on staying positive below.. 
”Get Happy!” by Dr. Anthony Gunn or 
”Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

Thank you guys so much for reading! And if you’re just finding out you’re pregnant, enjoy this journey! It really is a beautiful process and goes by a lot faster than you think.

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