Tips On Traveling/Flying With A Baby

Hi there! So Colin was 10 and 11 weeks old when we went on our first road trip and plane ride. Both trips actually went pretty well so I thought I would share my tips with you which may be helpful if you’re traveling with a newborn/baby. These tips are specifically for when you are flying with a newborn or could even apply if you’re taking a long road trip. Here’s a list of things to pack in diaper bag that you may not typically thing of that I found helpful for our trip:

 For Baby :

  1. Extra onesies (you Just never know what those tiny hineys are capable of!)
  2. Baby headphones (to help with loud sounds and pressure)
  3. Extra pacifier (in case yours gets lost like ours!!!) Our Favorite is the Wubbanub!
  4. Small blanket and burp cloth (anything too big or bulky just takes up unnecessary space)
  5. Nursing Cover (A must have if you’re overly modest like I am. If not more power to you!!!)
  6. Hand sanitizer and pacifier wipes!! (Seriously I’ve heard planes and airport bathrooms are so gross so the extra protection that you can get the better!)

For Mom :

  1. Motrin (safe for nursing moms)
  2. Earplugs (and don’t forget that annoying adapter thing you now have to have for new iPhones)
  3. A jacket in case it’s cold on plane (you can just take it off if it gets too hot)
  4. Water Bottle + Snack (protein bar or dark chocolate if you have no self control like me)
  5. Hair tyes (I CAN NOT stand my hair in my face especially when traveling)

Now for some tips I thought would be helpful!!!!

 Tip #1 – Get the Window Seat 

 Seriously makes nursing so much easier!

 Tip #2 – Bring your stroller and car seat 

I found this to be so helpful! Now this is only a good idea if your car seat and stroller can connect to each other, which I’m sure if you have an infant, then it does. I know it sounds scary at the thought of traveling with a giant stroller and car seat but trust me when I say you won’t regret it. We had the baby in the car seat which fits into our stroller all the way to the gate. We checked the stroller and car seat at the gate (free of charge!) Most if not all airlines accept the stroller and car seat at the gate without an extra charge. Once you land to where you’re going you will collect your stroller and car seat as you’re leaving the plane. Literally right out of the plane door! Which means.. baby can be placed directly back into stroller/car seat and be on your merry way!

 Tip #3- Use a backpack diaper bag

This makes it 10,000 times easier especially if you’re pushing a stroller or using a baby carrier. (baby bjorn or moby). 

 Tip #4- Make sure to have all babies liquid items in a separate clear plastic bag. 

 I chose my diaper bag to be my carry on item and then checked my full size suitcase. In the diaper bag I just put mine and the baby’s essentials. I separated all the liquid products (like, diaper rash cream, sunscreen, baby wipes, etc..) in a plastic bag because at security they need these all the be taken out of your bag anyways so they can check each item. So it’s easier if you already have them collected in one clear bag instead of scrambled around at security.

 Tip #5 – Bring a Boppy  

Okay, so I didn’t bring my full size boppy but used this neck pillow which is the same exact shape. Hahaha. This was so helpful on our flight because it made a great little resting place for the baby. And it was so helpful for feeding him since he could just lay there and be propped.  

Tip #6 – MAKE SURE the baby has something to suck on during take off and landing.  

Just like it helps adults to chew gum it helps babies to suck on something. Doing so helps regulate the air pressure in the baby’s ears. I found it helpful to nurse him during take off and he would also just fall right to sleep. He slept through the flights except one where he woke up mid flight and broke my heart 😭 He looked like he was in so much pain and did the lip frowny face (you know exactly which one I’m talking about!)

 That’s all for the tips and tricks! I hope it truly helps you because I know traveling with a baby can be stressful! Don’t worry if the first time didn’t go perfect, it’ll get easier for you every time as you get used to it. You might get really lucky and have a baby that’s sleeps through the whole flight!!! I’ve heard the best time to travel with your baby is in the first year because they don’t need as much entertainment as a toddler and sleep way more. As always, thanks for reading!!! ❤️ 

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