Maternity Summer Style

Top | Maternity Bike Shorts I feel like I either here pregnant women talk about how much they hate being pregnant during the summer or love it because of the clothes. This is my second pregnancy but my first during the hot summer and I haven’t minded it too much. The heat, not so much. But […]

June Amazon Pregnancy Favorites

Water Bottle / Pregnancy Pillow / Essence / Shampoo / Conditioner / Moisturizer / Belly Butter / Eye Cream / Curl Cream / Prenatal Vitamins / Lip Treatment / Belly Support Band Water Bottle – Apparently you’re supposed to be drinking a ton of water and this is helping keep me accountable since it has […]

First Trimester Pregnancy Update

Yep.. you read that right! We are having another baby!! I wanted to be better this pregnancy about documenting and sharing more because it’s such a fun, but challenging time (especially right now, right?). I also love reading about other pregnancy journeys and trimester updates. I can’t believe I am finally through the first trimester. […]

Toddler Boy Style | Fall Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! I had so much fun doing the baby boy style post that I thought it made sense to continue with a toddler one! Kids clothes can get expensive but I kind of have a problem… If I think my son would look cute in something I usually just get it because I […]

Tip Tuesday: Staying at Home with a Toddler

His Outfit: Jacket | Shirt | Pants | Shoes Good Morning! I almost changed the title on “how to survive being a stay at home mom”, but then I thought that could be offensive, lol. If you’re reading this and you are a stay at home mom, then you know how long the days can […]

Baby Boy Style | Favorite Places to Shop

Sweater | Joggers (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) (Updated) : Hey everyone! This post has done way better than I could have ever expected. Unfortunately, a lot of the items I purchased originally are mostly if not completely sold out. I have tried linking close similar options that I hope work for you. Have a great day! So […]

Under $50 Gift Guide: Pre-Teen Girl

This has been my favorite gift guide to put together so far. I comprised a ton of things that would be perfect for the almost teenager in your life. My stepdaughter is 11 and I pretty much have her style nailed down by now. Pre-teens are fun because there is definitely a lot less pressure […]

Baby Colin’s Birth Story

(excuse my disgusting nails, and swollen hands) Well, if you’re reading this then you’re ready to hear our babe’s birth story! First, let me apologize for the quality in some of these photos. My best friend took the amazing photos and the rest are off of my iPhone! Second, how the heck did I give […]

My Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Prenatal Vitamins I use the Vitafusion prenatal gummies and I love them. I used the Olly ones in my first trimester but they were so hard to eat due to my morning sickness! I just couldn’t stand the taste of them!
                2. Nausea Aid Disclaimer: My doctor […]

Tips On Traveling/Flying With A Baby

Hi there! So Colin was 10 and 11 weeks old when we went on our first road trip and plane ride. Both trips actually went pretty well so I thought I would share my tips with you which may be helpful if you’re traveling with a newborn/baby. These tips are specifically for when you are […]

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